Benefits of Coaching

Possibility. Choice. Action. Create your own future.

Coaching is not consulting, counseling, or therapy. It is a client-focused, action-oriented support service designed to accelerate progress toward your goals.

If you don’t already have a clear goal in mind, or are not yet clear on what you want to do with your life, effective coaching is designed to get you focused on what you really want—and what will serve you best.

  • Your coach will help you identify and define clear goals.

A coach helps you get clear on exactly what you want to accomplish and helps you identify action steps to make it happen. It can be a personal goal (relationships, life/work balance), or a career or business goal (creating an action plan with specific steps, setting achievable goals and timelines, feedback and accountability, etc).

  • Your coach will help you create a clear and achievable path toward your goal.

To begin, all you need is motivation—a desire and willingness to move forward in a specific area of your life (e.g., personal relationships, career, or a business opportunity).

Having developed a strategic action plan, coaching requires commitment—from you as well as your coach. Even though your coach will never force you to do anything (it is always up to you), once you commit to a course of action . . .

  • Your coach’s job is to hold you accountable.

You are responsible for taking the steps needed to create the life you want. Your coach is there to support and guide you, working with you to create the most effective path to get you from A to B.

  • Your coach will help you focus on your strengths and to move past barriers that slow your progress.


Consciousness Coaching
Possibility. Choice. Action.
Supporting you to create your own future.