Planet in Peril

Experts say we’ve got about 20 years left to “Earth Crash.”

Look around you: We have a beautiful world, a beautiful mother. Mountains are her breasts, rivers and oceans the blood of life. Her forests, lungs. She has given us everything we have and are. Yet, because of us humans, she is now in crisis—not just her rivers, oceans, forests, and mountains, but also her islands, tundra, wetlands, and deserts, along with all the species that live there.

I created this short video some years ago as a companion to my book Radical Nature. I wanted to celebrate the beauty of our world. I wanted to move people, to touch them deeply—using the powerful medium of images and music. Planet in Peril is the result.

I first started showing this to small groups a couple of years before Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. We all know how successful that movie was. Yet beyond the startling facts and alarming data, something else is needed to reach down into our souls. That’s the intention behind this work.

For about 20 minutes, please find a quiet place without distractions—preferably with some friends—and let the beauty of our home planet embrace, inspire, and move you.

Experts say we’ve got about 20 years left to “Earth Crash.” Let’s not start all over again . . . We’ve got too much to lose.