Articles (download)

  Mission Consciousness
A personal statement of purpose and passion. We always have the power of choice.






  Consciousness from Zombies to Angels: Interview
  An illustrated guide to the key insights and ideas of Consciousness from Zombies to Angels (with color images). 






  Radical Knowing Study Guide
  A user-friendly guide to relationships and the essence of Radical Knowing.





  The Binding Problem: Why Me—Not a Trillion ‘Mini-Mes’? 
  If all your cells and molecules are conscious, how come you don’t experience a trillion ‘mini mes’?






  The Power of Story: Guide to Your Personal Myth
Who are you? What is the purpose of your life? When it’s all over, what will happen to you?
A short and simple guide to universal questions and a path to transformation.






 B-Dialogue: Consciousness in Community
Sample chapter from Radical Knowing exploring the magic and mystery of Bohmian Dialogue.





An illustrated guide to the Seven Archetypes of Consciousness that guide and transform our lives.





Final Exit: What Would You Do On Planet Titanic?

We’re living on a knife edge. One way lies systemic
collapse into ecological disaster.
The other is a path to collective awakening and  transformation.