Bohmian Dialogue

Bohmian Dialogue (B-Dialogue) is a form of communication that connects people to what is deeply real in their lives. It was created by quantum physicist David Bohm in partnership with spiritual teacher Krishnamurti.

Typically, in a B-Dialogue session a group of up to 25 people sits in a circle, at first in silence, noticing whatever shows up in their bodies or passes through their minds.  When someone speaks, it occurs as an authentic expression from the heart or soul, about whatever is important for that person at that moment. Everyone’s job is to listen for meaning rather than focusing on “facts.”

Almost every time I hold a Bohmian Dialogue session, people report afterwards how deep the experience was for them, and how much they miss silence in their busy workaday lives.

The Power of Silence

One of the most important aspects of B-dialogue is to recognize the difference between “speaking from silence” and “speaking to fill silence.”  The former is rare in our culture, the latter is almost an addiction.

In B-Dialogue, the emphasis is on full and authentic self-expression, bracketing out assumptions and judgments, and actively listening for meaning. 

B-Dialogue has no agenda—no topic is set in advance.  The content of the dialogue is whatever arises spontaneously from the group. It involves whatever is truly and authentically on the minds (and alive in the bodies) of each participant and the group.

By giving full self-expression, participants can remove blocks and deepen their experience of being in relationship—with themselves, others, and the world around us.

Feeling Your Thinking

It works by learning to feel your thinking, rather than merely thinking your thoughts (which is what happens in most other forms of communication).

B-Dialogue provides an opportunity to learn (perhaps for the first time since kindergarten) to pay attention to and honor the innate wisdom of our bodies.  We begin to notice that feelings are the source of all our ideas. Every thought begins as a feeling in someone’s body.

Sacred Silence

In B-Dialogue, we have an opportunity to “return to the source,” to the concrete feelings that connect us with the world.  We explore the fragmentation in our thinking (and how this shows up as fragmentation in our relationships, in society, and in our lives).

B-Dialogue provides a safe “sacred space” for participants to engage directly with what is actually happening in their experience—to feel whole and in relationship with people, planet, and the spiritual dimension of our being.

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