Consciousness Coaching

It’s Your Life

Think of coaching like someone throwing you a lifeline . . .

You want to get from where you are to where you want to be.

That means:
1. Getting clear on where you Are.
2. Getting clear on where you want to Be.

3. Getting clear on specific action steps to move from A-B—through Coaching.
(Clarity. Communication. Consciousness.)

Coaching is a dialogue between you and someone skilled and trained to listen—a special kind of active listening that cuts through confusions and mental tangles.

Your coach will work with you to help you get clear on your goals (visions and dreams) and what you need to do to make them real.

And here’s the “Coach’s Secret”: Manifesting dreams is as much about being as doing. Yes, you have to take action to make anything happen. But the quality and effectiveness of your actions depend on the quality of your being—on your consciousness.

A good “Consciousness Coach” will work with you to dig deep into your being (your soul, your true self), and to release your own deepest vision and passion—your unique “soul’s code.”

The ABCs of Coaching

Your Consciousness Coach works with you to:

Connect with your passion (Being).
Express your natural intelligence (Communication).

Focus on specific steps and strategies (Action).

In a phrase, your coach provides an action-oriented support service intended to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

An effective coach serves you by:

Creating a safe space to explore possibilities

Listening and offering feedback to shift perspective

Clarifying an action plan to achieve your goals

Committing with you to take steps toward those goals

Holding you accountable.

You Are the Expert

A coach is not a consultant. We hire consultants because they are experts in their fields. They apply their expertise to do something for us that we can’t do for ourselves (e.g., develop a website).

A coach is different. He or she helps you focus on your life. You want to be more effective in achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams. Coaches help you find the answers you need by skillfully asking you the right questions.

And, because it’s your life—you are the expert.

Coaches do not advise you or tell you what to do. Instead, they work with you to gain clarity on what you want to do and be in life. They help you prioritize the action steps you need to take. They work with you to identify the skills you already possess or new skills you need to learn to help you move from A to B. They work with you to create plans and strategies, and to locate resources you need to transform your vision into reality.

Most of all, your Consciousness Coach will help you express and activate your deepest passion so that you show up as the hero or heroine in your life. A Consciousness Coach works with you to release your own “inner coach” so you, too, become an inspirational beacon for others.

Since you are the expert in your life, you can help your coach help you by communicating clearly what you want—including, and especially, what you want from your coach.

As you work together, your coach will likely give you assignments to work on between sessions. These are designed to help you in various ways—for example, by seeing new possibilities, shifting perspectives, clarifying goals, or taking action steps that move you forward.

You are always in the driver’s seat. It is up to you to accept, decline, or change any assignment. If you agree, your coach’s job is to hold you accountable to follow through.

In the end—in fact, every step of the way—you are responsible for taking the actions that will move you closer to your goals.

Your coach is there to accelerate your progress by guiding, encouraging, and supporting you to effectively express your own innate magnificence and power to manifest your dreams.

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