LifeLines is a seven-part Consciousness Coaching program developed by Dr. Christian de Quincey.

Working with your coach, you will uncover your unique “Personal Myth”—the story of your life—and how it both limits you and can guide you to new possibilities.

You will also identify the archetypes and “strange attractors” that show up as recurring patterns in your life—shaping your personality and your soul.

Knowing your patterns and how they shape your Personal Myth is the foundation for moving to the next stage: discovering your deeper self beyond the power of your story. Now, you can open up to experience beyond belief. Literally.

Consciousness Coaching empowers you to balance passion and practicality.

Using focused intention and taking strategic action you have the power to create the life you want. LifeLines guides you through these seven steps to transformation and success:

Learn to create the life you want through intention, action, and manifestation.