LifeLines: Personal Life Mastery

LifeLines: To Transformation and Success

This 5-mins video is an overview of a seven-part series.

Each of us has a story to tell—the story we believe about ourselves and the world.  
Stories both empower and limit us. Learn how to create possibilities beyond belief.

LifeLines is a seven-part series created by Consciousness Coach Dr. Christian de Quincey. It is designed for people committed to living powerful lives with full self-expression, creativity, and true to their own “soul’s code.”

We begin by focusing on the power of personal stories and how they shape our lives. We then move through a series of steps that take us beyond the power of stories to “experience beyond belief.”

That’s when you soar—when you learn the difference between belief and the power of intention.

Learn to create the life you want through intention, action, and manifestation.