About Deep Spirit

. . . We’ve got one last chance to get it right.


  • An inspiring story of science and spirit uniting to save our future.
  • Shows how consciousness is the missing link.
  • Reveals a hidden message from the birth of time—transforming millions of lives.
  • Blends fact and fiction in a marriage of head and heart.

It’s early in the twenty-first century, and the world is already on course for a major revolution—a shift in global consciousness. Visions and dreams of millions are about to become reality. The key: a worldwide quest for the “noetic code,” a new way of knowing that builds on the ancient wisdom traditions of shamans, the perennial philosophy of mystics, and the profound insights of modern science.

Deep Spirit reveals the story behind the greatest global conspiracy ever—involving governments, corporate bosses, top scientists, and religious leaders.

Executive greed and consumerism have pushed the planet to the brink of ecological collapse. Something needs to change, and fast.

Written by a philosopher and journalist who spent decades researching and exposing the biggest con-job in history, Deep Spirit is a “true novel” that blends historic and scientific fact with imaginative narrative. While some of the names and incidents have been changed to preserve anonymity of key protagonists, the book takes readers into the darkest secrets of the “F.E.W.”—a shadowy group intent on dominating the planet.

Their reach is wide and deep. Not only manipulating the worlds of energy, finance, science, and religion, through advertising and mass media they have gained control of the minds of people around the globe. It’s so pervasive and insidious, most of us don’t even notice. But a few brave souls refuse to give up the dream of our evolutionary promise, and are racing to crack the most ancient code of all—a message, literally, from the birth of time.

Jurassic Park brought to life the power of the genetic code, and scared us with 60-million-year-old dinosaur genes. Now, Deep Spirit inspires us with a 14-billion-year-old echo from the Big Bang, and opens up the secrets of the noetic code—the way to higher intelligence and a sane and safer world. There’s no bigger story.


Cosmos. Consciousness. Contact.

Higher intelligence—it’s closer than you think.