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Deep Spirit: Cracking the Noetic Code (Part 2)

Tune into “Energy Stew” for Part 2 of Peter Roth’s interview
with Christian de Quincey on “Consciousness and Noetic Knowing”

Friday, February 22, 2019, 11: 30 am (Eastern)

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“Energy Stew” host Peter Roth interviews author Christian de Quincey
about his visionary novel

Deep Spirit: Cracking the Noetic Code (Part 1)

(January, 2019)

***ND radio

The Nature of Consciousness

Christian de Quincey

in conversation with Justine Willis Toms



Christian de Quincey
in conversation with Mel Fabregas


The Human Experience-2

Click here to listen to podcast.


Frontier Beyond Fear-2

Susan Larison Danz interviews Christian de Quincey
on BlogTalk Radio


Dr Pat Show

Christian de Quincey
in conversation with Dr. Pat 

[Note: poor-quality recording.]


In the Press


Cosmological Models: The Beginning and End of the Universe

Excerpt from Christian de Quincey’s BlindSpots


New Book

BlindSpots (curve)

Common clichés distort our understanding of science, philosophy, and spirituality.


Do you believe . . .

we create our own reality?

the universe exploded from nothing in a big bang?

time is an illusion?

or that God transcends his creation?

What’s the difference between miracles and mystery?


In his new book BlindSpots, philosopher Christian de Quincey examines assumptions and beliefs
that cloud our collective consciousness.

He explains how “thought viruses” spread as we unthinkingly use these clichés
in in our everyday lives.

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Video Interviews

0. NTA (curve)Conversations on the leading edge of knowledge and discovery:

PanpsychismIntersubjectivity * Zombies & Angels * Interspecies Communication *

Questioning Assumptions * Synchronicity


iQ Noetic News

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Main Themes:
Information & Wisdom.’
‘Mind-Body Connection.’
‘Intentional Healing.’
Lead Article:
‘Beyond the i-Revolution’ 
Philosopher’s Corner:
Does Mind Create Matter?
Coaching Corner:
Do Nothing. Achieve Everything.’
‘Why Hope is Hopeless’
Noetic Q&A:
Seven Insights into Consciousness & Energy Healing
Writer’s Corner:
Living in Language

What Happens When We Die?

Is Everything Alive

.What is life?

What happens to consciousness at death?

Are past-lives for real?

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