Lectures & Workshops: Testimonials

Thank you again for the “Deep Spirit and The Four Gifts of Knowing” workshop last weekend at La Casa de Maria. I know I thanked you already, but at the time all I really knew was that you helped me shift from the narrow corner of habit into an open field of possibilities.
There was much to ingest and digest. I’ve since perused your website and books, and can further appreciate the time, love, and skill necessary to condense such deeply vital and rich content into engagingly beautiful—and, at times, even fun—graphics, and simple, yet not easy, words and concepts (or as simple as one can possibly be).
Many of the ideas you introduced were foreign and, at the same time, possessed a flavor of familiarity, which has whetted my appetite for more.
I’m writing partly as a former teacher who deeply appreciates teaching that creates an atmosphere of respect, belonging, inspiration, compassion, clarity, choice, curiosity, and community . . . .all of which I experienced last weekend.
It’s exciting having new slivers of awareness and forming new connections. And I’ve noticed that the “Bohmian’ Dialogue” continues to deepen within me.
When a woman mentioned changing the question from “Why me?” to “Why not me?” I recognized this subtle shift had made all the difference in me, also, but I hadn’t known why.
I’ve discovered that when I was asking “Why me?” my brain would attempt to answer, but all it had to work with was a multiple choice answer sheet with the following limited choices:
A.  Because I don’t deserve better
B.  Because I created this reality
C. Because my family is dysfunctional and screwed up, and anyway what was I expecting—some kind of fulfillment?
D.  All of the above
But when I ask “why not me?” I simply give the question to the wind.  As Rilke advises: Love the questions themselves and don’t search for answers. But I didn’t fully “get” what he meant until now.
And I can’t help but wonder . . .  if we’d been in the circle longer . . .  would the tears the man shed have formed into words?  Would my words have melted into tears?
My goal is to be inspired, not driven. Now that I’ve experienced some powerful shifts it’s easy to imagine how effective participating in an on-going group might be.  My passion (I didn’t know how to name it until now) is to experience who I really am.
With deep gratitude for all you give and equally for who you are,

—Margery Prickett,
“Deep Spirit & The Four Gifts of Knowing,”
La Casa de Maria, Santa Barbara (2012)