Radical Nature

You create yourself at every moment. Quantum physics shows it. Philosophy explains it:  Who you are comes into being like a bubble in time. Pop! And here you are again! Join author and philosopher Christian de Quincey for a mind-spinning adventure into the deepest mystery of self and soul, matter and mind, time and space.

If mind and matter are so radically different and separate, how do they ever interact? How is it possible for mind to ever know anything about matter—including whether it even exists? How can you know anything about your own body? Drawing on revolutionary insights from process philosophy, quantum physics, and Buddhist metaphysics, Christian de Quincey shows us how “reality bubbles” into being at every moment, and how we are all creative sparks of the Creative Ultimate.

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Deep Spirit

Sometimes evolution gets it wrong. We’ve got one last chance to get it right. Fourteen billion years ago, it all started with a Big Bang. Today, all we hear is a faint echo. Can we decode its mysterious message in time?

It’s early in the twenty-first century, and the world is already on course for a major revolution—a shift in global consciousness. Visions and dreams of millions are about to become reality. The key: a worldwide quest for the “noetic code,” a new way of knowing that builds on the ancient wisdom traditions of shamans, the perennial philosophy of mystics, and the profound insights of modern science. But the quest is threatened by a powerful force determined to keep the Great Dream down.

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Radical Knowing

On the journey toward transformation, wisdom is beyond belief. Drawing on personal experience and the wisdom of indigenous cultures, as well as insights from modern science and philosophy, Dr. de Quincey explores the deep roots of consciousness in relationship. He shows how a full understanding of consciousness involves the Scientist’s Gift of the senses, the Philosopher’s Gift of reason, the Shaman’s Gift of feeling, and the Mystic’s Gift of “sacred silence.”

In these confused and troubled times, we need a deeper felt sense of relationship with all sentient beings—people, planet, and cosmos. Learn how to heal relationships by cultivating your Four Gifts of Knowing.

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Consciousness from Z to A

Everyone is blessed with shadow and light—aspects of ourselves we fear and deny (our inner “Zombies”) as well as qualities we admire and want to radiate (our inner “Angels”). The key to a creative and fulfilled life is to integrate both. Consciousness philosopher and teacher Christian de Quincey reassures us that the way to transformation is by accepting ourselves exactly as we are—magnificent works in progress.

This step-by-step “owner’s guide” to the mind sorts out philosophy’s hardest problem, science’s final frontier, and spirituality’s deepest mystery. Christian de Quincey presents seven simple steps for understanding consciousness and how it can lead to spiritual awareness.

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BlindSpots: 21 Good Reasons to Think Before You Talk BlindSpots cover

Everyone has blindspots—beliefs or assumptions we take for granted. But stop to think, and you’ll probably see you missed something obvious. Philosopher Christian de Quincey shows us why it makes sense to question our assumptions. A few moments’ reflection is often all it takes to reveal how absurd some of our common ideas really are.

We all have them: gaps or knots in how we view and think about the world—about life, mind, space, time,
energy, information, healing, free will, reality, belief, self, relationships, evolution, artificial intelligence, miracles, God . . . science, spirituality, metaphysics . . . or anything else.


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