John F. Kennedy University: Testimonials

Thank you for constructing an amazing course and facilitating liberating dialogues.

—Lily Truong, “Paradigms of Consciousness”




Thank you for what I truly feel is the most thoughtful, passionately taught and thought provoking class I have ever taken.

—Tiffany Trueman, “Paradigms of Consciousness”

I wanted to thank you and tell you that I learned a heck of a lot from you. I had never taken a course in philosophy or consciousness, so I was very new to the idea of consciousness and awareness. But your passion for consciousness drew me in immediately. It oozes out of you and grabs anyone in your presence. I was captivated. Not only were your lectures and readings incredibly interesting, but I also learned so much from the conversations you facilitated in class. You were so open to our contributions and extremely supportive of anything we had to say, even if you didn’t agree with it. You challenged us! I really appreciate how comfortable you made me feel when I participated in class. I am sad that this class has come to an end, but if the rest of my professors are anywhere near as passionate, patient and courteous as you, I will be very happy!

—Beth Warshaw, “Paradigms of Consciousness”

I really enjoyed the class, even more so than I had anticipated. I am very appreciative of your encouraging, engaging, and committed teaching style. I felt that you took a lot of time to comment on papers, answer questions, and make sure that the class was feeling good about the material and really understanding it. I thought the class was very interesting and thought provoking. Thank you again.

—Nancy Stark, “Paradigms of Consciousness”

Out of all the classes I have ever taken, your “Paradigms of Consciousness” is the one that has taught me to do something I had never considered doing: question my beliefs.  Because of your class, I now have words to connect to what I have been experiencing in my life. I can honestly tell you that you are perhaps one of the most brilliant professors I have ever had.  The material I have learned in your class has truly made me look at life in a way I never even thought existed, and I will never be the same.  I am forever grateful for acquiring the gift of your knowledge.

—Carmen Navarro, “Paradigms of Consciousness”

I feel you are doing an admirable job of handling the wide variety of students in the “Paradigms of Consciousness” class this quarter. There are varying degrees of knowledge, learning styles, and personalities, and I feel you are doing an excellent job at engaging on both intellectual and felt levels.

—Tony Grazio, “Paradigms of Consciousness”

I want to thank you for your class on “Paradigms.”  For me, it was not just a source of learning, but I have experienced a shift in my own consciousness because of your class. I am also more aware when I am or others are speaking from the old paradigm.  It’s a beginning, and it is exciting to know the story will keep unfolding.

—Angie Di Natale, “Paradigms of Consciousness”

I very much enjoyed your class: both the thought-provoking material presented and the atmosphere of the class. Particularly memorable to me were the times you told us that, in the highest truth, “It’s all about love.”

—Rodrigo Dobry, “Paradigms of Consciousness”

You have made a great impression and inspired me as well as clarifying my thinking and changing my life for-the-better. . . .  You are one of a number of key individuals who I feel are integral to the transformation of consciousness, and hence, world-change. THANK YOU for your awesome work! I appreciate it.

—Todd Akira Morikawa, “Paradigms of Consciousness”

Many thanks for such an enlightening experience, one that has opened my mind, heart, and soul. 

—Heather Pierce,Paradigms of Consciousness”

This class has been one I won’t forget. It has helped shape my work now and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for all of your work that you share with the world. I look forward to reading your other books over the break, I’ll miss the live class though.

—Paul LeBars,  “Paradigms of Consciousness”

Your class affirmed so much of what I have been thinking (backed up by evidence) for a long time.  Thank you!

—Marylou Verano, “Paradigms of Consciousness”

I’m really going to miss this class (and having you as such an amazing resource, teacher, mentor, editor). I don’t think I’ve ever been sad for a class to end before—even when I’ve really enjoyed them.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, but never knew where to begin to try to do something with it and never opened my mind to the possibilities. I am so glad I found my way to this class. I really have learned so much from you. I feel like this class has taken my writing to the next level.  You are the first professor to give me constructive feedback on my writing and it has been awesome. Thank you.

—Dina Colman, “Advanced Writing & Publishing”

I have to say this was probably the most wise, clarifying, and satisfying class I’ve ever had. Your perspective on fusing creationism and evolution, reconciling them via consciousness, really meant a lot to me personally (and academically). Thanks.

—Jarrett Klein, “Consciousness and Philosophy of Mind”

And I just wanted to say, from a student perspective as well as a human one, I think you are doing a great job holding the space in class in a balanced way, and being really honest about your own process, and respectful of others’. There has been adequate room for questions and exploration, but you also bring it back to the main point and offer to continue a discussion after class. I know this material isn’t easy for many (often myself included) because it is such a new way of thinking and looking at the world, and you are doing a great job leading us through it

—Megan Joseph, “Consciousness and Philosophy of Mind”

Thanks! Thanks, too, for taking the time to be so thoughtful and thorough in your feedback on my papers. It is really helpful in furthering my understanding as well as showing that you really did take the time to read and think about what I was offering up. Most professors fall dramatically short of that and I often find myself wondering if he/she really even read my paper. This was a great class for me. I really got a lot out of this course. There were some fundamental questions that have been lingering for me about consciousness that I was able to grapple with in your class. Although tough to grasp at times, very mind altering and expansive.

—Kelly Gertsbacher, “Consciousness and Philosophy of Mind”

I leave your class feeling stretched and challenged. So much is coming up for me, and I love that. Also, I want you to know I appreciate your clear presentation of the material, and your patience with our questions and our group process. Thanks so much. Last night’s lecture was powerful and has completely reframed my perception of my experience growing up in a black and white world. Ideas for my final paper came popping up all the way home, and I couldn’t go to sleep until I’d put them on paper. This morning the ideas kept coming. I feel incredibly moved—awestruck, in fact—at how a web of connection has been there for me my whole life. I was aware of it (it’s what kept me alive), but I just thought I was crazy, and didn’t talk about it with anyone. So, thank you. I can’t wait to send you my paper, to get your feedback, and see where this leads.

—Rebecca Wyse, “Consciousness and Philosophy of Mind”

I want to thank you for your classes. The biggest ah-ha moment for me was in Week 4 when we explored the nature of “Self” and the question “Who Am I?” I think understanding intersubjectivity, as you describe it—that we are all deeply interconnected—is necessary for the world. I wish people from all over the world could take your class. I also appreciate the quality of your class . . .  Even though the focus is to use language (which requires cognition) to be able to articulate key ideas about consciousness, I was able to experience each class with my whole body (I use “whole body” to mean “very insightful,” “feel in my body,” or “speak to my soul”). I also noticed that your presentation slides have fewer words and more images, which I found very different from other teachers—and that made a big difference, activating different ways of knowing. If that was your intention, I think I was able to receive that message. I am sure that what I have learned from the last two quarters in your classes will impact my private and professional life deeply.  And I feel very grateful that I came across such a profound experience in the beginning of my journey of exploring well-being.

— Yuki Yoshii“Consciousness and Philosophy of Mind”