University of Philosophical Research: Testimonials

Your course was a blast. Sometimes it was very challenging and I didn’t know if I could do it. But in retrospect, it was so wonderful. It changed my awareness of the world in very significant ways. Just being able to gain a perspective on the different worldviews, the four ways of knowing, and Arthur Young’s work is mind expanding. I learned a lot. It gives me such a good grounding and now I can know what I am talking about when I discuss some of these subjects (well a little at least).  Thank you so much for this course and for your amazing mind, Christian. You are a wonder

—Diane Kerr, “Mind in the Cosmos”

The passion of your work is very contagious and the manner in which it is presented is clear, exiting, and humble. I’ve been deeply touched by it, and I believe it to be a wonderful contribution to the academic world and society.  Thank you, thank you!

—Anna Carmen Cirronis, “Mind in the Cosmos”

I want you to know how amazing this class was for me. Having only six classes left until I graduate, you can imagine my shock and horror at only now learning of the word “panpsychism” and the principles upon which it rests.  I experienced personal upheaval, as my basis for understanding consciousness had to be reconciled with these valuable ideas. The phone conferences for your class turned out to be extremely important, as you may have guessed. You have a patient tone, and you were able to draw each of us out to communicate our barriers in comprehending this material. Thank you for walking your talk. We are all connected and there is no sense cutting out the parts that are simply too challenging to believe in something else.

—Alexandra Chamberlain, “Mind in the Cosmos”