Personal Mentoring

Consciousness Studies just for you. Whether you are interested in consciousness for personal, spiritual, social, or academic reasons, a Personal Mentorship can guide you in exploring consciousness for mental, emotional, and spiritual development—and can even provide you with a strong foundation for taking an advanced degree later on if that is what you choose to do.

As well as teaching at various universities, Dr. Christian de Quincey guides independent scholars who have the commitment to work with him through a tailored program in consciousness studies. Depending on students’ goals and interests, these courses can be open, informal, and flexible—or more structured, modeled on one (or a combination) of the masters-level courses he teaches at universities.

Typically, students are assigned texts, CDs/mp3s, or DVDs to study on a monthly basis. Students have the option of writing a monthly paper/report on what they have read, listened to, or viewed. These are emailed to the mentor, who responds usually with detailed feedback and suggestions for further study and/or contemplation. Mentorship can also include teleconferencing via Skype or other Intrernet-based services.

Students are encouraged to keep a daily or weekly reflective journal to record insights, dreams, and other creative expressions from their deep psyche. These journals are private.


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